To Grow, You Need to Know Your Score

How Does YOUR Landscape Business Stack Up?

Watch the Video to see why it's important to benchmark your profits against peers and how the

5th Annual Benchmark Report will help you Know Your Score.

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To Grow, You Need to Know Your Score

In business, the income statement is like a scorecard -- a report that tells you and your team how the company did that month. 

I get so excited about seeing the score; it is like opening a gift at Christmas when I was a kid.

First, I wonder what’s there.

Will it be something I expect or a surprise?

Will I like it?

An Important Question

You and your team have worked hard, and you hope it will be good news.

Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not.  Even for the business owners who regularly see good results, there is often a seed of doubt.

A curiosity.  A Question.

How good could my business' profitability really be?

If you are like me, you wonder how your results compare with others in the landscape industry.

You Want Proof

You may think your company is performing great, but you want proof.

Maybe you suspect that the company’s performance is weak, but you don’t know why.

Or you may hear numbers from industry experts, and wonder how realistic those numbers are in your situation.

As a business owner, you live and work in a highly competitive world.  You need to know the answers to these questions to survive and to thrive.​

"This Benchmark Report is unique.  You see each company's data—revenue mix as well as expenses and net income as a percentage of revenue—and it's anonymous.  I use it each year to see how my company is performing.  I love it!"

-Nick DiBenedetto, ND Landscape Inc.

Learn from Last Year's Report

In last year's report, 14% of the companies participating had net income that was more than 10% of revenue.

Three companies lost money. The rest had net profit margins averaging 4.3%, which is not nearly enough.

Wouldn’t you like to see what the most profitable companies spent on labor, equipment, and overhead? Wouldn't it be nice to know how much enhancements were as a percentage of maintenance revenue—often a key factor in profitability?

Other Benchmark Reports 

You may have participated in other landscape benchmark reports—the ones where they give you long forms to complete, and then you see the results as simple averages without any context.

It's unclear about the mix of services or sizes of the companies.

You wonder whether everyone makes the same assumptions you did about where to put their numbers on the form. Because if they don't, then the numbers are meaningless. 

This is the fifth time that I have produced this report. And it really does get better each year. 

So here’s how it works

First of all, there are no forms to complete, so you’re saving some time and aggravation.

You get simple instructions about how to upload your income statement and balance sheet from your accounting software to a secure server. It is easy.

Next, I take every company’s revenue and expenses and make consistent classifications so that you can compare the results with confidence.

Then I convert all the major expenses to percentages of total revenue.

Finally, we make the results anonymous by deleting the names and showing each company’s results in a separate column from greatest revenue to least revenue.

Call to learn about pricing & how the report applies to you. 

I've been there in the trenches facing hard decisions, feeling stuck and unclear. You don't have to guess because the data from your business and your peers can guide some of the decisions and make a big difference.  

If you take the actions that I suggest, then you will see at least a 10% increase in your net income. Many businesses have seen much more.

Who is Greg Herring?

When I see numbers, I see a story. That ability comes from how I am designed and from my experience as a Chief Financial Officer or CFO.

I have also been a Chief Operating Officer, so my focus is on actions—actions that produce results to change the story.  

When I produce reports, they are actionable. The 2018 Landscape Industry Peer Benchmark Report is an important tool for my success and the success of my clients.

For more than 20 years, benchmark reports have helped me optimize profitability for companies in all types of industries, including the landscape industry. When properly constructed and used, this report is powerful.

I use it to help management teams understand what is possible. Most managers think they do a great job and if the profits are not there, then it just cannot be better. The 2018 Landscape Industry Peer Benchmark Report shows them clearly how much other companies are making and what expense ratios need to be present in order to make it happen. The report shows the results of each company (anonymously) in percentage terms to make the profitability and ratios easy to see.

I believe that if you show the right people the right data, they will respond with actions that will improve the results.

And that is what I have been doing for more than 20 years!​

What You Get from the 2018 Landscape Industry

Peer Benchmark Report

This report is specifically for Landscape Professionals to get clear about your business wins and losses


Growing Your Perspective

It all starts with knowing the important data points in your business. You will get answers to burning questions:

  • ​How does my company's revenue growth compare with my peers?
  • ​How can I be sure about why the business is successful?
  • ​How does my landscape business profitability measure up to others?
  • ​How do my big expenses like labor compare to others?

After uploading your 2017 financial statements through a secure server, we will compile your data and make it anonymous.  Then, we will produce a report clearly showing how your company compares with your peers. Uploading is fast, easy and secure.  There are no forms to complete, saving you time.

The report shows the revenue streams and expenses specific to running a landscape business. 


Growing Your Company

It's more than data and statistics in this report. Yes, you will get to see the financial data of your peers (anonymously). Think of the Landscape Industry Peer Benchmark Report as a scorecard where you can see the places you are winning and where you're losing.

  • ​How are my peers managing equipment expenses?
  • How fast are my peers collecting accounts receivable?
  • How profitable are larger companies and what are their expense ratios?

In addition to the detailed report, you get an exclusive invite to a private webinar.  This webinar will be hosted by Greg Herring where he works with you to define clearly how you can use the benchmark report with your management team.

Your team can build on its wins and decide next steps to grow your profits and your business. 


Growing Your Profit

The Landscape Industry Peer Benchmark Report is something you can reference for your planning and budgeting. It is an important tool to help you set expense and profit goals.

  • ​See at least a 10% increase in your net income when you follow actions suggested by Greg. Most companies will see far more.  What is a 10% improvement worth to you?
  • Know the indicators for when you can afford to hire additional employees.
  • Get metrics that can help you in the decision process about pricing your work and adding expenses.

Data is expressed in percentages, not dollars, and company names are kept anonymous—making it easy to compare, learn, and take action. 

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How Does It Work?

  1. After you check out, you will receive an email with instructions on how to upload your financial statements to a secure server.
  2. We will carefully review the numbers and make them comparable across all companies. We will arrange all of the companies in an Excel spreadsheet from largest to smallest so that you can compare to companies close to your size or see how larger companies perform. We will distribute the report in PDF form immediately before the webinar. You can see an example from last year above.
  3. You will also receive an Excel file with the data. You can use this spreadsheet to customize your analysis—getting rid of companies that are not comparable to your situation. As you eliminate these companies from your analysis, the Excel spreadsheet will automatically recompute the average, best and worst numbers for each line item including overall profitability. It's a great tool and one of the things that makes this benchmark report the best one in the landscape industry.
  4. PLUS you will be invited to a private one-hour webinar. Greg will help you make the best use of your report and understand the next steps that you need to take toward growing your profit and your business.

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